What’s in a Photo?

What’s in a Photo?

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Whether using a licensed agent to sell your home, or if you are going to sell your home yourself. Take a minute to think about pictures.

Pictures are your homes calling card, they will sell your home.  Even if your house isn’t in perfect condition, a well done photo will put your home’s best foot forward and get people in the door.

You never get a second chance at a first impression, and great photos will give potential buyers that great first impression you are looking for.  In the day and age of instant everything, time is everything, so buyers won’t waste their time coming to your home in person if the pictures don’t draw them in.

Below are a few simple tips to help get great photos

  1. Use a Tripod
  2. Avoid vertical orientation at all costs. Use landscape orientation for optimal viewing
  3. Prepare every room you plan to shoot (think declutter) and try to emphasize each rooms selling points (natural light, size, etc.) Oh and make sure the toilet seat is down!
  4. Take exterior shots at dusk and turn the lights on.
  5. Avoid taking shots of pets, holiday decor and personal photos.
  6. Review your photos and edit them.

Here a few more tips:



There are many different cameras, filters, lenses and that sort of thing but if you don’t want to get into that, and you are listing your home yourself, simply get in touch with a local real estate photographer. In our area you can get decent photos for a couple hundred dollars.  If you are using an agent, ask them for professional photos.

Here are some examples of some not so great real estate  photos.


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